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We believe that artistic experience brings huge value to quality of life and that as our world becomes ever-more technologically oriented people become increasingly alienated and in need of experiences to provide a means relating both to themselves and to others. We also believe that music is relevant to people of all walks of life, cultural background and ability.

Our mission is to produce great musical projects and innovative solutions for sharing them more effectively.


With over twenty-five years' experience in the field, Classic Concerts Trust supports and promotes concerts, recordings and other musical projects of the highest possible quality.  The trust provides advice and consultancy concerning any aspect of concert promotion, direct grant support for concerts or associated activities and in some cases undertakes full-scale promotion or management of concerts or other projects. 


As well as working in London, over the past twenty-five years the trust has produced concerts in London and all over south-east England.

One of our objectives has always been to generate activity which would not otherwise exist and to find new approaches in pursuit of this. Our starting point in the 1980s was to combine commercial sponsorship with local authority support to create funding for concerts in towns across south-east England. At this period the trust facilitated concerts through creating partnerships rather than promoting directly. In the 1990s we moved into direct concert promotion with concerts at Blackheath Concert Halls and central London venues including the South Bank Centre and St John's Smith Square.

From 1994-2010 the key objective was to secure a future for music at Watford Town Hall, possibly the finest hall for orchestral performance in England - one with an acoustic of justified international renown. After years of decline, it had been without professional concerts for two seasons when the trust commenced operation there in 1996. Through revising every element of the concert management there, average concert attendance doubled with a solid core of subscription sales. In succeeding years the audience profile was developed to include over 8% under the age of nineteen and the trust also established a loyal body of Friends and Patrons.

Further dynamic growth followed the introduction of an experimental business model (RAVE) in 2007. This proved hugely valuable in audience development, generating not only wider access – through lower prices – but increasing sales volume, donations, net revenue and, most importantly, audience engagement: by 2009 94% of tickets were sold on subscription. Sadly, despite the success of our work there, Watford Borough Council elected to pursue a commercial operating structure for the hall in the long term despite being warned of the likely consequences for musical development at the hall. The new arrangements presented insurmountable obstacles to further operation at the hall and therefore our involvement ceased in 2010. From 2010 the trust continued working in the area presenting an annual series of chamber concerts in association with The Purcell School but by early 2013 it had become clear that this would be unlikely to achieve long-term financial sustainability and the trust withdrew from activity in the Watford area.

Although Watford was the key priority fom the mid-1990s to 2010, the trust also supported and promoted concerts in collaboration with local authorities in Woking (1999-2002) and Slough (2001-2005).

As well as the introduction of a new business model for concerts, 2007 saw the trust’s first international co-operation, with its support of Yuri Simonov’s International Masterclass for conductors in Budapest, in association with Filarmonia Budapest and the Royal Palace at Gödöllő. 2009 saw the start of a collaboration with the Radom Chamber Orchestra in Poland which led to the creation of the Conductors' Academy which developed rapidly and now has students from all over the world.



Classic Concerts Trust is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

Registered in England No 2071722, Registered Charity No 295996.

Executive Management:

Jonathan Brett - Artistic Director
Lyn Mumford - Administrator

Board of Directors:

Jonathan Brett - Artistic Director
David Lees - Trustee
Phillip Money - Trustee

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